Round by Round Results

Div: 1res Team: Jumbo & his Princes

  • Opposition: Prince Alfred O.C.
  • Ground: University Oval
  • Date: 26-08-17
  • Round: 18
  • 12.11.83 AUFC
  • 7.5.47 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Great finish to the season by the Children. PAC are a strong outfit, and the boys played well to run away with a 6 goal win. It was a great test leading into the finals series.
There is still some areas to work on for the team, which is pleasing as their best is yet to come.

One low light in the game, was a disgraceful and deliberate elbow to the head of one of the clubs young stars by a PAC fool with a low IQ. It showed that PAC were concerned with our approach to the game and skill, and their repeated late hits and garbage off the ball was no match for a ball focused only team.

An even effort across the board which has been the way most of the year, and a credit to all.

The Children now prepare for the finals, with the first week off. Spots will be tight, but that is what makes great teams.

Tom Davies


0 2

Michael Leslie


5 0

Monty Swift

Ruck Rover

4 0

Matthew Slade


0 1

Sam Pittman

Left Forward Pocket

0 1

Ryan Agnew

Full Forward

0 0

Patrick Dolan

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Max Parker

Left Forward Flank

3 1

Thomas Bateman

Centre Half Forward

0 0

Ben Adams

Right Forward Flank

0 1

Peter Hyde

Left Centre Wing

6 2

Simon Sharley


0 1

Toby Maughan

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Lewis Parker

Left Back Flank

0 0

James Connell

Centre Half Back

0 1

Sam Penniment

Right Back Flank

0 2

Ethan Moore

Left Back Pocket

1 0

Matthew J Allan

Full Back

0 0

Douglas Radford

Right Back Pocket

0 0

Benjamin Watson

Bench 1

0 0

Joshua Stewart

Bench 2

2 0

Jackson Dearing

Bench 3