Round by Round Results

Div: 1res Team: Jumbo & his Princes

  • Opposition: Salisbury North
  • Ground: Salisbury North Oval
  • Date: 15-07-17
  • Round: 13
  • 18.12.120 AUFC
  • 1.4.10 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Another day, another $
Not the prettiest game of footy, but the Children bank the points and move on to the bye and a blow out.
SNSEW were not much chop, but put plenty of players around the ball to congest the play.
The Children stuck to the task to find avenue to goal, primarily through Boom Recruit Darcy Bateman, and 'no look, no see' Brett Simpson. Both played solid games and showed they are in the A grade mix.
Hard day at the office for most, with many showing a lack of desire to be playing against a team yet to win a game.
BOG was clearly Sladey, who showed commitment to every ball and contest. He too is knocking on A grade.
So that leaves the team at 13-0 which the boys should be proud of. The challenge now is to finish the last 5 rounds playing fun, fast and exciting footy. Players begin to return from snowfields, Europe, operations and Uni fatigue.
It is going to require a fair commitment from those that want success, as it doesn't come easy, and it doesn't come from not training. I'll wait and see who has that desire to achieve something unique.
Next round Mudbury and Mudbury who pushed us last time.

Tom Davies


0 0

Max Jamieson


0 0

Monty Swift

Ruck Rover

3 0

Patrick Dolan


0 2

Mitchell Francis

Left Forward Pocket

4 6

Darcy Bateman

Full Forward

0 0

Benjamin Watson

Right Forward Pocket

0 1

Max Parker

Left Forward Flank

0 1

James Connell

Centre Half Forward

5 6

Brett Simpson

Right Forward Flank

0 0

Samuel Lemm

Left Centre Wing

6 0

Matthew Slade


2 1

Peter Hyde

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Jackson Dearing

Left Back Flank

0 0

Matthew J Allan

Centre Half Back

0 0

Douglas Radford

Right Back Flank

0 0

Michael Heath

Left Back Pocket

1 0

Michael Leslie

Full Back

0 1

Joshua Stewart

Right Back Pocket

0 0

Alex Ireland

Bench 1

0 0

Adrian Howard

Bench 2