Round by Round Results

Div: Div 7 Team: Sexy P!mp & His C-Men

  • Opposition: Mitchell Park
  • Ground:
  • Date: 08-07-17
  • Round: 13
  • 10.10.70 AUFC
  • 14.9.93 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Mullet Park away, in the holidays, against Ballsack, Schitz and their ugly, mulleted mates. Still, you'd rather play for the Blacks than anyone else.

Ballsack's 1980s business at the front, party at the back 'do is a masterpiece to behold and should be put in a time capsule. It does give the impression though, that even the dregs at The Maid of Auckland would rather go home alone than with Ballsack. Unfortunately photo evidence is not at hand. Not to be left out was Ballsack's little mate, #6. Having a foot long rat's tail flow from a Russell Crowe-esque Romper Stomper buzz cut might make you look tough, but it won't win you a fight against Doug Smith. It won't even get Doug to take the bait.

To the game. The 13 changes from the week before seemed to have little impact as the available players drawn from every corner of the club to form that week's C-Men went toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow with Mullet Park in the first half.

Confident of against the odds win, the C-Men let Mullet Park skip away in the 3rd to lead by 6 goals at lemons. Determined to fight, the C-Men challenged in the last, controlling play and creating scoring opportunities. Hydey-Ho had an impact in the forward line after coming from the Cheap Chips but confused the little white sticks with the big white sticks and filled his score sheet with minors. Mitchell Veprek was sympathetic to his fellow C-Men ring-in and proceeded to miss from close range om a show of solidarity.

In the end Mullet Park were a little too good. For a team that largely hadn't played together before, the C-Men should be proud of their effort and for being competitive all day. Having played and performed well against 3 of the top 4 during exams and holidays, the team should be primed and confident for a strong finish to the season against North Pines for a Win, Central Disunited, St Pauls Old Socks and Hitler's Youth.

Simon Ritchie


2 0

Simon Nankivell


6 1

Dominic Davis

Ruck Rover

4 3

Timothy Atkins


0 1

Mitchell Veprek

Left Forward Pocket

1 3

Alex Ireland

Full Forward

0 0

Kim Le

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Doug Smith

Left Forward Flank

0 0

Daniel Polkinghorne

Centre Half Forward

0 0

Seamus Conheady

Right Forward Flank

0 0

Shaughn King

Left Centre Wing

5 0

Blake Carroll


0 0

Theodore Baker

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Hugh Mugford

Left Back Flank

0 0

Matthew Deutrom

Centre Half Back

0 0

Caleb Desmet

Right Back Flank

3 0

Daniel Gardner

Left Back Pocket

0 0

Braden Robinson

Full Back

0 0

Peter Pedler

Right Back Pocket

0 0

Ethan Moore

Bench 1

0 1

Douglas Radford

Bench 2

0 1

Peter Hyde

Bench 3