Round by Round Results

Div: 1res Team: Jumbo & his Princes

  • Opposition: Saint Peters O.C.
  • Ground: University Oval
  • Date: 08-07-17
  • Round: 12
  • 18.10.118 AUFC
  • 1.1.7 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Clearly snow season and European summers when these two teams meet in the middle of winter. The Children got back to some of their better football this week, despite playing against a bunch of school kids and old has beens (excluding you Craggy).
The first quarter with the breeze was a morothon, not pretty, as the silver spooners put everyone around the ball.
However, the 2nd quarter was a clinic in clean, aggressive and beautiful football. The Children put on 9 goals in the qtr, to go into half time 11 goals to DONUTS.
The 3rd qtr reflected the 1st with the spooners having players behind the ball and doing everything in their power to stop the flow. Nearing the end of the qtr, a miracle transpired with the spooners getting their first and only goal. It may have been due to the fact the Children fell asleep due the excitement of the game.
The last qtr into the breeze saw an improvement in play to run out comfortable 19 goal winners.

Highlights from the day included:
Super Gav, former 1R coach taking the field. A few good hits and a couple of possessions, saw the old man screaming at simmo for a freebie no avail.

Simmo had a day out kicking 7.4 and did his chances of a call back to the A's no harm.
Monty and Ethan Moore continue their battle for B&F. Both are playing great footy, and show what consistent training can do for form.
And finally, 'future Blacker', 16 year old St Peter's student Charlie Gibson jagged a couple of majors in his first Uni game against his amates, including a left foot snap Stevie J would have been proud of.

A good, solid game by all against a below grade opposition. On to Salisbury Nth, Sth, East and West

Tom Davies


0 0

Max Jamieson


5 0

Monty Swift

Ruck Rover

0 0

Patrick Dolan


0 0

Lewis Parker

Left Forward Pocket

0 2

Mitchell Francis

Full Forward

0 1

Benjamin Watson

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Max Parker

Left Forward Flank

0 0

James Connell

Centre Half Forward

6 7

Brett Simpson

Right Forward Flank

0 3

Duncan McIntosh

Left Centre Wing

3 0

Matthew Slade


2 3

Peter Hyde

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Jackson Dearing

Left Back Flank

0 0

Matthew J Allan

Centre Half Back

0 0

Douglas Radford

Right Back Flank

4 0

Ethan Moore

Left Back Pocket

0 0

Michael Leslie

Full Back

0 0

Edward Dart

Right Back Pocket

1 0

Joshua Stewart

Bench 1

0 0

Michael Heath

Bench 2