Round by Round Results

Div: Div 7 Team: Sexy P!mp & His C-Men

  • Opposition: Tea Tree Gully
  • Ground: University Oval
  • Date: 30-06-17
  • Round: 12
  • 8.7.55 AUFC
  • 13.14.92 Other
  • Coach's Report
close The Tee Hees were OK at football, but only OK, and on this occasion they were more OK than the C-Men.

The Pimp celebrated his 300th game for the World's Greatest Football Club with two goals (an Eddie Betts-like special and a down field cheapy that Fritch Mancis did all he could to claim), a sprained ankle, dislocated finger and no part in the game after lemons. Still, West End always tastes good after a game for the Blacks.

Goose upped the ante when it comes to agitating the opposition and earned himself a yellow card while also jagging 3 goals. Chooka and Boy Friday were strong in the backline, while the Atkins Diet did the midfield grunt work.

Thanks to Slape and Sons, V-Train, Michel and Big Al's Grandson for pulling on the Black with White V.

Mitchell Park away in round 13 becomes a season defining clash. Bring it on.

Simon Ritchie


0 0

Cameron Slape


0 0

Simon Nankivell

Ruck Rover

0 0

Jordan Campbell


0 1

Doug Smith

Left Forward Pocket

0 0

Duncan McIntosh

Full Forward

1 2

Simon Ritchie

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Thomas Moore

Left Forward Flank

0 0

Daniel Polkinghorne

Centre Half Forward

3 3

James Hardess

Right Forward Flank

5 1

Mitchell Francis

Left Centre Wing

6 0

Timothy Atkins


0 0

Caleb Desmet

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Tom Milton

Left Back Flank

2 0

Alex Ireland

Centre Half Back

0 0

Myles Turner

Right Back Flank

0 0

Matthew Deutrom

Left Back Pocket

4 0

Braden Robinson

Full Back

0 0

Thomas Bernard

Right Back Pocket

0 1

Stuart Harris

Bench 1

0 0

Wesley Legrand

Bench 2

0 0

Benjamin Vezis

Bench 3