Round by Round Results

Div: C5 Team: The Bastards

  • Opposition: Woodville South
  • Ground: Park 10
  • Date: 03-06-17
  • Round: 9
  • 25.10.160 AUFC
  • 5.2.32 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Match Report- Round 9 vs Woodville North South East and West respectively
B@stards 25.10.160
Woodville 5.2.32
Goal Kickers: S. Conheady 5, D. Weekley 4, W. Evans 3, H. Crouch 2, J. Johnston 2, A. Howes 2, A. Di Silvio, T. Wundenberg (absolute blinder), B. Hill, B. Larsen-Smith, H. Ball, F. Marshall, T. Vickery,
Best: H. Ball, S. Conheady, A. Bate, J. Johnston, F. Thomson
After last weeks gut wrenching loss to Arnie's beloved Hope Valley (best left undocumented hey Seamus?), the B@stards were keen to bounce back with a big win. Timmy Atkins returned, as did his first class warm-up that was sorely missed in the week prior. The boys also welcomed Benny for his last game of the season before heading over to Falls Creek.
Woodville came out of the blocks hard kicking the first major of the game, but that's where it all ended for them. We replied with goal after goal completely dominating around the ground.
The boys in the middle did a superb job to cover the losses of Chalky, Belly and Dave. Jimmy Johnston threw plenty of elbows pushing us forward at every contest. Alex "the all-rounder" Bate was everywhere as per usual taking contested marks, winning the ball on the ground and also supporting Finny Marshall in the ruck.
Bally was visibly distressed after drawing the short straw and having to play as the loose man down back for all four quarters. He rebounded anything that came his way racking up possession after possession clearly deserving the 6 votes. Frase was also class, locking down on his opponent and subsequently the chicks. Holsty then made the coaching decision of his career to date, shifting Frase forward late in the 4th quarter, but Howesy didn't feel the need to share the love leaving him goalless.
It was good to have the C-men and Brady bunch out in force making plenty of noise from the grandstand in the second half, but they played second fiddle to Seamus Conheady's very own private supporter base. He put on an absolute clinic up forward slotting five sneaky goals. Weeksy and Evo were also as influential as ever showing composure and bagging a few each.

Darren Holst


0 1

Finnigan Marshall


3 0

James Johnston

Ruck Rover

0 0

Timothy Atkins


0 1

Brad Hill

Left Forward Pocket

0 1

Ben Larsen-Smith

Full Forward

0 0

Alexander Howes

Right Forward Pocket

0 3

William Evans

Left Forward Flank

0 4

Daniel Weekley

Centre Half Forward

0 1

Ashley Di Silvio

Right Forward Flank

0 0

Thomas Vickery

Left Centre Wing

4 0

Alexander Bate


0 0

Nicholas Shopov

Right Centre Wing

1 1

Tyrin Wundenberg

Left Back Flank

6 1

Henry Ball

Centre Half Back

0 0

Hugh Mugford

Right Back Flank

0 0

Luke Spajic

Left Back Pocket

2 0

Fraser Thomson

Full Back

0 0

Daniel Currie

Right Back Pocket

0 2

Hamish Crouch

Bench 1

5 5

Seamus Conheady

Bench 2

0 0

Sam Morton

Bench 3

0 0

Michael Reid

Bench 4

0 0

Christopher Shute

Bench 5