Round by Round Results

Div: Div 7 Team: Sexy P!mp & His C-Men

  • Opposition: Para Hills
  • Ground: Paddocks Oval
  • Date: 22-06-17
  • Round: 11
  • 14.6.90 AUFC
  • 22.18.150 Other
  • Coach's Report
close It was a virgin trip to the Dopey Dugout for most C-Men and perhaps the last for a while. For a place where most green belt dwelling private school boys would fear to tread, it was a pretty ground and good deck to play footy on.

After a shot in the arm from keeping Karl Marx where he belongs the week before, in a never ending economics 1A lecture about free markets, the C-Men shot out to a flier against the Dills. Swooper had 4 before the Dills had touched the Sherrin and the exam-time trip to play the ladder leaders seemed less daunting. But the pendulum swung and the Dills used their ugliness to intimidate the C-Men into giving up 6 goals before quarter time. 6 to 5 the Dills way after a high scoring and frenetic opening quarter.

Possession in the second quarter went the Dills way, but the scoreboard favoured the Blacks, with the Dills' 3 goal 10 behinds for the quarter keeping the boys in it at the half, trailing 9.13 to 7.3.

The C-Men responded in a fast paced 3rd quarter, kicking 6 more majors and leading into time on, before Goose got cranky with the Dills, setting a few on their ample backsides and coughing up a gimme goal to turn the tide. To be fair, he was still a little shaken have taken on a handful of "security" guards the night before and rolling into the game looking like a malnourished panda. The game was in the balance at lemons, with the Dills turning on the umpires and each other.

In a rare occurrence for any Uni side, the C-Men were out run by the Dills in the last, being an even 10 goals behind when the fat lady signalled the end of the game. Having scored enough to win most weeks (14.6 is far from slouchy), it was a disappointing result given the hard work of the first 3 quarters and overall high standard game.

Swoop ended up with 6 for the day and Dough the Thug helped himself to 4, while Baker Boys and Watson not Adams each kicked 2.

Motorhead led the charge all day from his back flank, Boy Friday continued to show his adaptability, Tommy $2 returned after a lengthy lay off from a broken right hand with a noticeably stronger left arm and More or Less strung consecutive games together without injury.

In a tough division and sitting a game out of the 5, the home clash against the Tee Hees becomes a must win game to stay in the finals hunt.

Simon Ritchie


0 0

Simon Nankivell


0 0

James Hardess

Ruck Rover

2 0

Dominic Davis


0 4

Doug Smith

Left Forward Pocket

5 6

Duncan McIntosh

Full Forward

0 0

Ayden Roberts

Right Forward Pocket

3 0

Thomas Moore

Left Forward Flank

0 0

Daniel Polkinghorne

Centre Half Forward

0 0

Jordan Campbell

Right Forward Flank

1 2

Theodore Baker

Left Centre Wing

0 0

Timothy Atkins


0 2

Benjamin Watson

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Tom Milton

Left Back Flank

0 0

Matthew Deutrom

Centre Half Back

6 0

Samuel Lemm

Right Back Flank

0 0

Daniel Gardner

Left Back Pocket

4 0

Braden Robinson

Full Back

0 0

Christopher McMichael

Right Back Pocket

0 0

James Harrison

Bench 1

0 0

Patrick Dolan

Bench 2

0 0

James Davies

Bench 3