Round by Round Results

Div: 1res Team: Jumbo & his Princes

  • Opposition: Payneham Norwood Union
  • Ground: University Oval
  • Date: 24-06-17
  • Round: 10
  • 16.13.109 AUFC
  • 5.2.32 Other
  • Coach's Report
close A 12 goal win, and we will bank the points. However, was not the greatest spectacle. PNU put plenty of numbers around the ball which worked in the first quarter with scores level. The Children struggled to break free, and the ball use and decisions let our forwards down.
From the 2nd quarter the boys stepped up the pressure and held their structure to break the game open.
The second half saw the Children keep the pressure on with PNU struggling to keep pace, despite a 6-3 record coming into the match.
Once again the goals were spread around with 9 goal kickers, which is a testament to the boys working for each other.
Monty Swift once again showed his class and clean hands, and overall everyone contributed which is a sign of a good team. Next round TTG at TTG. We will need to be on, as last year out there we got a lesson.

Tom Davies


2 0

Max Jamieson


6 2

Monty Swift

Ruck Rover

0 0

James Barr


5 0

Ben Adams

Left Forward Pocket

0 1

Lewis Parker

Full Forward

1 0

James Watson

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Max Parker

Left Forward Flank

0 1

Simon Sharley

Centre Half Forward

0 3

Brett Simpson

Right Forward Flank

4 0

Matthew Slade

Left Centre Wing

0 1

Joshua Stewart


3 3

Peter Hyde

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Max Neville

Left Back Flank

0 0

Matthew J Allan

Centre Half Back

0 0

Douglas Radford

Right Back Flank

0 2

Edward Dart

Left Back Pocket

0 0

Michael Leslie

Full Back

0 2

Toby Maughan

Right Back Pocket

0 0

Sam Harms

Bench 1

0 0

Michael Heath

Bench 2

0 1

Joe Waugh

Bench 3