Round by Round Results

Div: Div 7 Team: Sexy P!mp & His C-Men

  • Opposition: Flinders University
  • Ground: Flinders University Oval
  • Date: 01-04-17
  • Round: 1
  • 14.7.91 AUFC
  • 12.10.82 Other
  • Coach's Report
close Round 1 at the Gulag and it was in pristine nick for a change. Howling southerly as usual.

The CMen got semi multicultural to take on Karl Marx, adding a Frenchman to go with their token Irishman. No Germans though.

The CMen got off to a flier, which is nice when two thirds of the side were introducing themselves to their teammates as the first siren sounded. 3 straight against the gale in the first to lead by 8 points at the first change and 7.3 with it in the second to have Karl Marx retreating to the corner just before half time. But it wouldn't be a Uni game without a concentration lapse and 3 quick ones to Karl had the margin back to 4 goals at the long break.

Satisfied with their first half, the CMen allowed Karl Marx to kick six unanswered goals in the third, only bothering the scorers with a pair of minor scores (or DTs).

Thankfully that gale was still blowing and Chooka was still clunking them inside F50. Pity his radar was off line as his alma mater psyched him out from close range. Step up Les Bien and Jumpin' Jack, with an 80m bomb and Eddie Betts special respectively to put the CMen 9 points up with a few minutes to play.

It was a gutsy win for a new-ish side and bodes well for the season. New players Frenchy, Lemming, Moore or Less, Cec and Waugh, Uggh, What is he good for?????? all contributed well in their first outings for the mighty Blacks.

Jimmy Barr Up was outstanding in the pivot and well assisted by Les Bien, who was everywhere, and Bodies in the Barrel, who did a Snowtown job on the Karl Marx full forward. Thomas 'I vomited on my girlfriend after the Pres Keg' Stilton and Chooka snagged 3 goals each.

Simon Ritchie


0 0

Gregoire Patacq


0 0

Joe Waugh

Ruck Rover

0 1

Thomas Moore


0 1

Ayden Roberts

Left Forward Pocket

0 3

Tom Milton

Full Forward

3 0

Doug Smith

Right Forward Pocket

0 1

Duncan McIntosh

Left Forward Flank

2 3

Alex Ireland

Centre Half Forward

0 0

Darragh Coughlan

Right Forward Flank

0 0

Thomas Vickery

Left Centre Wing

6 0

James Barr


0 0

Samuel Lemm

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Toby Nihill

Left Back Flank

0 0

Thomas Daniher

Centre Half Back

5 1

Michael Leslie

Right Back Flank

0 0

Theodore Baker

Left Back Pocket

4 0

Blake Carroll

Full Back

0 0

Jason Anderson

Right Back Pocket

0 1

Daniel Gardner

Bench 1

0 0

Daniel Polkinghorne

Bench 2

1 1

Jack McGowan

Bench 3