Round by Round Results

Div: C3 Team: The Scum

  • Opposition: Kenilworth
  • Ground: Park 10
  • Date: 13-06-15
  • Round: 9
  • 10.9.69 AUFC
  • 11.5.71 Other
  • Coach's Report
close This week marked a significant milestone for the scum with Brad the Green Machine clocking up his 150th game for the club. A stalwart Greenie started his AUFC career way back in 2003 as a hard running ruckman and this game was played in Greenies trademark style a hardworking, high pressure game which went all the way down to the wire.

Greenie is well known for his silver hair and the selected side followed this look with five 40 + year olds. Rulie kept the Ye olde world feel going by supplying home pickled onions pre game which did nothing for the scums first quarter run. Rulie himself doesnt touch them especially not pre game but acknowledges if hes to win a B and F this year he needs to knobble his rivals hence the onions. He went on to kick 3 wonderful long range goals and proved the value of aging stars, if not grey hair. The man himself Greenie was as hard and determined as ever smashing packs and settling up forward thrusts [he’s renowned for his thrusts].

The Blonderwandan set a club record of his own by briefly central and then boundary umpiring followed by some water running and a half as a player, which is a full four spots on the team sheet.

It wouldn’t be a lower grade game without a bit of controversy from Rulebook, despite being consistently referred to as a cheating XXXX by Whats a Kennelworth all game he proceeded to pay Kenilworth a somewhat obscure free kick. The Kennel full back seemed to not understand the kick to yourself rule and when for the third time he bounced the ball outside the square on the kick out a ball up transpired. At the ball up the scum ruckman hacked the ball forward through the goals for a point – well no – for a free kick in the square. Harsh but in the rules I guess.

In the wash up What’s a Kennelworth got the jump on the scum boating the first 3 goals in the first five minutes of the game given the margin was 2 points this slow start was costly. All in all a great standard game that was decided by less than a kick and a celebration of hard working lower grade football the scum have played a lot worse than this and won.

Best players; Howie, Currie, Kesic, Greenie, Philpot and BOG Draca
Goal kickers; Onions Rulie 3, Homemaker 2, Kesic 2, Weekly, Wallis and Eisenberg 1


6 0

Marko Draca


0 0

Blair Hutchins

Ruck Rover

3 2

Sasha Kesic


0 0

Stefan Musolino

Left Forward Pocket

5 0

Sean Philpot

Full Forward

0 1

Daniel Weekley

Right Forward Pocket

0 0

Alexander Beneke

Left Forward Flank

1 2

Adrian Howard

Centre Half Forward

0 1

Matthew Eisenberg

Right Forward Flank

0 0

Timothy Dean

Left Centre Wing

4 0

Brad Green


0 0

Wesley Legrand

Right Centre Wing

0 0

Brad Hill

Left Back Flank

0 0

Ryan Sheridan

Centre Half Back

2 0

Daniel Currie

Right Back Flank

0 0

Robert Malinauskas

Left Back Pocket

0 0

Patrick O'Leary

Full Back

0 0

Simon Lewis

Right Back Pocket

0 3

Clinton Rule

Bench 1

0 0

Stevan Chew

Bench 2

0 0

Nicholas Spencer

Bench 3

0 0

Nicholas Pavan

Bench 4

0 0

Michael Yates

Bench 5