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News and goings on at the World's Greatest Football Club.

Round 13 Washup

A case of what could have been at the Worlds Greatest Football Club this weekend, with 5 out of 7 games won and the two losses both within a goal, including the A grade who lost a crucial game against Flagon of Port-land. Anyway, the weekend was all about Homemaker and Yuppy, who celebrated their milestones in fine form starting at lunch on Friday and finishing at Havey stumps Sat night. More to follow later in the week in Substandard...and a big premiership reunion day at Uni Oval this Saturday

Substandard Vol 13 / Howie & Yuppy

Big love from Bob goes out to the 300 gamer, Homemaker Howie, and the 250 gamer, Yuppy Uppy. Two absolute legends of the club who are featured in this weeks Substandard, which can be found here.

Round 13 Preview

A huge weekend ahead at the AUFC, with the Long Lunch on Friday followed by two massive milestones on the Saturday. Homemaker Howie playing his 300th game and Uppy Uppington his 250th. Two magnificent achievements by two great clubmen - and to celebrate we have 5 home games out of 5 games, plus a big Hold your Bowlies. Keep an eye out for Blacks Ball promo and big past players day on the 19th as well

Round 12 Results

3 wins for Rulei and that was it for the club, so a tough day all round highlighted by the Showgirls going down comfortably to the Sinners at a gloomy Sin stadium. Match results and many reports and online in round by round results

Round 4 Results

A nice weekend for the Blacks, winning 4 out of the 5 matches played with the other 4 teams having a bye. Unfortunately for us, the A grade lost a crucial game at the Wildlife Reserve to cement their spot in the bottom four for the moment, and unfortunately for them they now owe the club a keg as the only team to lose on the day

Website Re-launch

We are very pleased to re-launch, the website of the Adelaide University Football Club. Take a look around and please feel free to send any feedback through. We will be making gradual enhancements in the coming weeks