Luke Dix

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uni oval 20140425Rd 3 v Goodie Saints H166 X2 uni oval 2 1940 AUFC Team

Div 1 Reserves win tough

Jumbo and his Cheap Chips move into round 6 undefeated... Read More

Constitution Proposal

The committee, led by Peter Sharley, has been doing a... Read More

  1. The Brady Bunch
  2. Jumbo & his Princes
  3. Sexy P!mp & His C-Men
  4. The Scum
  5. The Chardonnay Socialists
  6. Black Jack & The Showgirls
  7. The Girl Guides
  8. The Bastards

Welcome to the AUFC

The worlds greatest football club

The Blacks have an unsurpassed Australian amateur football history having won 80-odd premierships in its 110-year life; 23 of those in Division One. Indeed, the Blacks hold too many stunning record achievements to list.

New Website

A new AUFC website is on the horizon, keep our eyes peeled in the coming substandard editions for the big reveal!   Read More

Key Event Dates 2017

See below for the key event dates for the AUFC 2017 social calendar.   Read More

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